My Crazy Girlfriend is comprised of a diverse and talented group of artists who have joined forces to create a unique brand of pop and hip-hop that truly has no boundaries. Blending catchy hooks, infectious grooves, beautiful vocals and rap with attitude, the Super Group of long-time best friends features the beautiful vocals of Myah Marie, femcee Cosmo, and the pop/hip-hop production team of twin brothers Bennett and Justyn Armstrong.

With their supercharged fusion of pop and hip-hop that’s as fun as it is daring, MCG draws comparison to the Black Eyed Peas, yet also draws upon influences ranging from Alanis Morrisette and No Doubt to Green Day and Jay-Z.

In creating their signature sound, Justyn states “We wanted to come up with something that’s new but timeless, and that’s why we wanted the majority of our stuff to be organic based and have organic elements.”

The band signed to Capitol Records in 2013 and created quite the buzz with their sexy fun promo single “Go F**k Yourself”, a wickedly brilliant tongue-in-cheek ode to exes everywhere! Their debut single “Crazy Stupid Love” #38 on the American Top 40. The group parted ways with Capitol in 2015.

On February 19, 2016, My Crazy Girlfriend released part one of their Kings and Queens EP. Having never really gotten the chance to show the world who they are, musically or aesthetically, the fierce foursome is excited to introduce the authentic and unaltered MY CRAZY GIRLFRIEND.